Code of Conduct

  1. Candidate Consent: We commit to securing explicit consent from candidates before sharing their resumes with clients, ensuring details are securely stored on our database.

  2. Transparent Terms: Our Terms of Business will be transparent, comprehensively explained, and mutually agreed upon with clients before we undertake any assignments.

  3. Confidentiality: We strictly maintain the confidentiality of all client and candidate information, safeguarding personal and professional integrity.

  4. Consultant Collaboration: Our consultants operate with a team mindset, recognising that candidates are not exclusive to any individual consultant and can be considered for any suitable position by any team member.

  5. Selective Partnerships: In line with our corporate responsibility, we do not engage with tobacco companies or any entity that conflicts with our ethical standards.

  6. Timely Communication: Every candidate will receive a response to their application within five working days, reinforcing our commitment to respectful and professional communication.

  7. Rigorous Interview Process: Candidates referred to clients will have undergone a thorough interview process, with exceptions such as remote candidates clearly communicated and noted.

  8. Harassment-Free Workplace: We have zero tolerance for workplace harassment and bullying. Our staff are thoroughly educated on our anti-harassment policies and guidelines.

  9. Safety First: On-hired workers will not be placed in high-risk roles. We prioritise the safety and well-being of our candidates above all else.

  10. Ethical Placements: We respect the professional relationships that exist between candidates and their current employers and refrain from inducing candidates to leave their roles if we've facilitated that placement.

  11. Non-Solicitation Assurance: We pledge not to solicit employees from our active client companies, honouring our professional relationships.

  12. Continuous Engagement: We ensure consistent communication with both clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process, fostering transparency and trust.

  13. Verification of Credentials: We conduct thorough checks of all candidate qualifications, visas, licences, etc., maintaining accurate records in our secure database.

  14. Referee Integrity: We confirm the legitimacy of referees and seek candidate consent before making contact. Referee feedback is relayed faithfully to our clients without undue influence.

  15. Respectful References: Information from referees will focus solely on the candidate's job performance. We eschew recording or passing on irrelevant personal opinions or unfounded remarks.

  16. Dignity and Respect: Candidates are treated with the utmost respect, and the outcomes of applications are communicated promptly post-interview.

  17. Punctuality and Consideration: We respect candidates' time, ensuring interviews occur as scheduled or as soon as possible if candidates arrive early.

  18. Equality and Fairness: Our assessment process is free from discrimination, adhering to equal opportunity principles and legislation. We evaluate candidates solely on their merit and job-related competencies.

  19. Realistic Promises: We are committed to setting realistic expectations with both clients and candidates, aspiring to exceed those expectations whenever possible.

  20. Privacy Assurance: All candidates are required to sign a privacy statement before interviews, reinforcing our commitment to data protection.

  21. Contractual Respect: We will not entice candidates to violate the terms of any existing employment contract, showing respect for current professional commitments.