Assessing Your

Executive Leaders

Assessing Your
Prosearch Partners Executive has partnered, Lumina Learning, a global provider of innovative personalised selection and development solutions for individuals, teams, and organisations. Our certified practitioners can create humanistic and inclusive psychometrics that reveal the full depths of your current or future leaders dynamic personality, thus identifying executives who add genuine value to your organisation.

Personality Assessments

Assess an executives whole personality, providing a unique portrait of who they really are, to help them increase self-awareness, reveal hidden potential and cope better under pressure. The net outcome being practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership.


Leadership Assessments

Gain a deep understanding of their natural leadership style. It shows them how to lead with confidence and authenticity, while learning how to adapt their leadership style to meet the needs of their people and of their organisation.


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Ronel Raats

Certified Lumina Practitioner

As a Lumina Spark and Select Practitioner offering consulting and team development services, Prosearch Partners Executive Assessment practice supports change, leadership, and team development programmes in organisations across Australia. It is the philosophy of Lumina Learning that it is in the healthy integration of opposite traits that we may become even more effective leaders, managers, and team players in organisational life.