Delivering excellence in executive and board

Compensation Strategy

Delivering excellence in executive and board
Prosearch Partners’ expertise has been honed through years of assisting clients with executive and board of director compensation reviews, cash and equity-based incentive compensation design, competitive market studies, and annual industry surveys.
Executive & Board Compensation

Our expertise lies in providing guidance to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of both public and private companies in various areas of executive and Board remuneration, including:

  1. Salary structure and planning
  2. Annual cash incentives
– Long-term incentives:
  • Stock options
  • Restricted Share Units (RSUs) /
  • Performance Share Units (PSUs)
  • Deferred Share Units (DSUs)
  • Phantom share plans
  • Long-term cash plans
  • Termination and Change in Control provisions
  • Employee savings and share purchase plans
Compensation Governance

Our comprehensive services encompass all aspects of compensation philosophy and policy, providing valuable assistance to our clients in areas such as:

  1. Establishing minimum share ownership requirements for Management and Directors.
  2. Defining and selecting the appropriate Peer Group.
  3. Crafting an effective compensation strategy.
  4. Identifying the performance dimensions for variable and incentive pay.
  5. Determining the appropriate weighting of pay elements (pay mix).

Through our expertise and guidance, we help clients develop robust compensation frameworks that align with their organisational goals and ensure equitable and competitive remuneration practices.

Compensation Policy

Our advisory services cover a broad range of compensation governance matters, providing guidance to our clients on:

  1. The responsibilities and functions of the Compensation Committee within the Board of Directors.
  2. The involvement of Directors in executive compensation and Directors’ pay.
  3. Assisting with the preparation of the Annual Management Information Circular and Compensation Discussion & Analysis (CD&A).
  4. Evaluating the potential relevance and impact of institutional investor and proxy advisor guidelines.

With our expertise, we assist clients in effectively navigating the complexities of compensation governance, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices while considering the perspectives and expectations of key stakeholders.

Compensation Benchmarking

In our collaboration with clients, Prosearch Partners leverages both publicly available information and proprietary data to establish benchmarks for executive and director compensation, ensuring alignment with your compensation philosophy. We utilize this data to carry out the following activities:

  1. Benchmarking executive and directors’ compensation packages, comparing them to relevant industry standards and practices.
  2. Conducting labor market studies to provide insights for comprehensive compensation planning beyond just executive roles.
  3. Utilising industry-leading surveys, including the renowned Bedford Executive Compensation Survey for Mining, to gather valuable market insights.

By employing these methodologies, Prosearch Partners assists clients in making informed decisions regarding compensation, leveraging a combination of reliable data sources and market analysis.

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