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Our highly seasoned search professionals are renowned industry leaders who have walked in your shoes and take the time to understand each candidate's and client's needs and expectations..


Best-in-market executives don't jump at every opportunity presented. We excel in accentuating the unique appeals of a role, sparking interest among those impeccably suited for the position.


Our comprehensive due diligence ensures the assurance that Boards and Chief Executives seek. The heart of our process lies in competency-based evaluations and adept reference verifications.


Exhaustive in-house research, instrumental in unearthing the finest candidates for each search—especially zeroing in on those gifted individuals who aren't actively on the market.

Future Ready Leaders

When you work with ProSearch Partners, you'll be collaborating directly with a leading executive search firm and a team that has extensive knowledge of your industry and understands what is important to you.

Our Approach

  • True Partnership
  • Full Transparency
  • Consultative Approach
  • Talent Attraction
  • Talent Assessment
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Structured Process

Prosearch Partners view our connections with clients as true partnerships.

Our senior consultants, equipped with essential subject-matter expertise, work closely alongside clients to execute every search with unparalleled precision. While offering the advantages of a global firm, we maintain a boutique-like structure, ensuring local responsiveness and operation. Embracing an immersive approach, we make it our policy to thoroughly acquaint ourselves with each client.

We firmly believe that clear and open communication lies at the heart of our relationships.

With a commitment to prevent any possible misunderstandings or surprises, we take the initiative to offer clients complete transparency throughout the entire search process. This approach is grounded in integrity, honesty, and confidence, fostering a high level of trust between us and our valued clients.

Every engagement commences with extensive briefing meetings involving key stakeholders.

We meticulously create a comprehensive position description, carefully outlining the essential experience, technical skills, and critical leadership competencies required for optimal performance. Once the position description is finalised, we collaborate with the client to establish a well-defined search strategy, which forms the bedrock of our search process.

We utilise advanced talent mapping technologies and a highly resourced research team.

Our local consultants personally engage with prospective executive talent , ensuring utmost care and attention to present the opportunity in an attractive manner. By following this approach, we successfully attract the finest potential talent, perfectly aligning them with the position's requirements.

We utilise cutting edge assessment tools that offer valuable motivation and cultural fit insights.

The culmination of our assessment process results in well-founded recommendations presented to the client. These recommendations are reinforced by comprehensive candidate profiles and evaluations, which highlight the individual's strengths, weaknesses, and driving forces behind their aspirations.

We carefully represent our clients in the marketplace and make the available position as attractive as possible for each identified candidate.

Through the trusted relationship established by our senior consultant with each candidate, we achieve a profound comprehension of these individuals. Our commitment to meticulousness guarantees an ideal alignment between the candidate and the opportunities presented by our clients.

Search & Selection Process

  • 1

    Initiation & Agreement

      • Stakeholder Meetings: Engage with the Board of Directors and/or senior leadership to understand the organisational culture, challenges, and the specific role's requirements.
      • Engagement Contract: Finalise terms of the search including fees, timeframe, and other terms.
  • 2

    Research & Strategy Development

      • Position Specification: Create a detailed job description, covering responsibilities, qualifications, and key performance indicators.
      • Market Mapping: Identify where potential candidates might be, considering competitors and related industries.
      • Search Strategy: Determine the best approach, whether it's targeting specific individuals, broad-based advertising, or tapping into personal networks.
  • 3

    Sourcing & Outreach

      • Targeted Headhunting: Directly approach individuals who fit the role but may not be actively looking.
      • Network Leverage: Tap into the firm's existing network and referrals.
      • Database Search: Review existing candidates from previous searches or known industry contacts.
  • 4

    Interview & Evaluation

      • Initial Screening: Conduct preliminary interviews to gauge interest and fit.
      • In-depth Interviews: Longer interviews to explore experience, cultural fit, and leadership style.
      • Assessment Tools: Use psychometric assessments or simulation exercises tailored for executive roles.
      • Reference Checks: Talk to former colleagues, supervisors, and direct reports. For C-suite roles, this can also involve informal and discreet industry soundings.
  • 5

    Shortlist Presentation

      • Offer Drafting: Assist the client in creating a competitive and compelling offer.
      • Offer Presentation: Communicate the offer to the candidate, answering questions or concerns.
      • Negotiation: Bridge any gaps between client and candidate expectations on remuneration, benefits, or other terms.
  • 6

    Onboarding & Integration

      • Resignation Counseling: Guide the candidate through the resignation process, which can be complex for senior roles.
      • Onboarding Support: Collaborate with the organisation to ensure a smooth transition, which might involve coaching, mentoring, or structured onboarding programs.
      • Follow-up: Maintain regular check-ins with both the client and the executive to ensure a successful transition and address any early challenges.
  • 7

    Post-placement Review

      • Feedback Collection: Several months post-hire, collect feedback to understand what went well and where improvements can be made.
      • Ongoing Relationship: Maintain contact with both the client and the executive for potential future engagements and to foster a long-term relationship.

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