Permanent Recruitment

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Permanent Recruitment

Companies are broadening their selection criteria for engineering professionals, looking for candidates who offer more than just core technical competencies by also showcasing a diverse set of skills. At Prosearch Partners, we are at the cutting edge of engineering and project management recruitment, with expertise spanning a wide array of sectors such as Technology, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Renewable Energy. Our goal is to link your organisation with the industry's elite talent for key permanent roles across all levels.


The Prosearch Partners


The Prosearch Partners
Tailored Talent Solutions:
Custom recruitment strategies designed to match your unique engineering talent requirements.
Speed to Market:
Advanced sourcing techniques and a streamlined recruitment process to reduce hiring time, getting top engineering talent to you faster.
Global Reach, Local Expertise:
Access to a global network of engineering professionals, combined with deep local market knowledge to source best-in-market engineering talent
Continuous Talent Pipeline Development:
Proactive talent engagement strategies to build a robust pipeline of ready-now engineering taken for current and future needs.
Dedicated Recruitment Resources:
We dedicate exclusive recruitment resources to your project, with our discipline-specific consultants focusing entirely on your hiring needs until completion.
Innovative Screening Process:
Utilising cutting-edge technology and assessment tools to identify candidates with the ideal blend of technical skills and cultural fit.
Strategic Partnership Approach:
Acting as an extension of your team to understand your business objectives, offering insights and advice to achieve your talent acquisition goals.
Comprehensive Support Services:
From visa and immigration assistance to relocation support and onboarding, we provide end-to-end services to ensure a smooth transition for international hires.
Sustainable Recruitment:
Focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in hiring practices to build more innovative and resilient engineering teams.
Forensic Approach:
Our search strategy is fine-tuned to niche market verticals, incorporating salary benchmarking and market mapping to target talent hotspots and unique skillsets.
Sectors We Support
Construction & Infrastructure
Industrial & Manufacturing
Oil & Gas
Mining & Resources
Renewable Energy

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