STart your Search for
Industry Best Executive Talent

If you are a business owner, involved in human resources or talent acquisition, or hold a managerial position in the hiring process and are in need of professionals for directorial, executive, or C-level roles, we are here to assist you.

Fees and Guarantees

Our fees will be tailored and outlined in a personalised proposal for each specific project and are typically within the range of 18% to 24% of the first-year guaranteed compensation package.

A compensation package is defined to include the base salary, superannuation, and any additional benefits like vehicle allowances.

We provide detailed market-based remuneration recommendations at no cost, ensuring complete transparency regarding our data sources.

When determining fees, factors such as the complexity and specialisation of the search, the remuneration package, competition for potential candidates, and the duration of the guarantee are considered.

Our distinctive retained search model entails an initial moderate retainer fee to initiate the search, with the remaining balance due upon successful placement.

We offer flexibility in guarantee periods, with options of both 6-month and 12-month guarantees for Executive Search roles.