Purpose Driven Leaders
Enabling a Sustainable Future
Purpose Driven Leaders
Prosearch Partners a leaders in identifying and connecting leaders who are passionate about sustainability, corporate affairs & communications, ESG, impact investing, environment, and energy & clean technology with ambitious organisations operating in these fields.
Taking on the significant societal and environmental challenges that our world faces demands immediate action from all businesses. The way companies are led, governed, and conduct themselves will play a vital role in shaping the speed of progress on critical issues such as climate change and inequality.
Via access to purpose driven leaders, we participate in, form partnerships with, and collaborate alongside exceptional organisations and initiatives dedicated to addressing the most pressing environmental and social challenges in the world. 

Our approach to sustainability search provides access to leaders who can help to embed CSR and sustainability into the heart of an organisation.

Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
Senior Sustainability Manager / Advisor
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Chief ESG Officer
Director Sustainable Supply Chain
Director Sustainable Development
Director Climate Change and Resilience
Director Sustainability Reporting
Director Circular Economy
Environment manager

Driving impactful environmental change starts with cultural change, and we understand the difference that the right leaders make.

Chief Environmental Officer
Head of Environmental Management
Environmental Compliance Director/Manager
Director Environmental Programs / Policy
Director Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
Director Environmental Impact Assessment
Director Pollution Control and Prevention
Director Environmental Monitoring and Reporting
Director Climate Change Adaptation Mitigation
Responsible Investment (ESG)

We work with talented leaders to help purposeful organisations push sustainable investment and corporate citizenship agendas forward.

Chief ESG Officer
Director of Responsible Finance
Head of Sustainable Finance
Head of Investment Policies and Standards
ESG Investment Director/Manager
Director ESG Risk and Compliance
Director ESG Strategy and Integration
Head of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)
Head Responsible Risk Management
ESG Reporting and Disclosure Manager
Green Finance Manager
Responsible Finance Manager
The Prosearch Partners


Guaranteed market coverage via extensive executive networks & research capabilities.


Competitive, outcome weighted fee model ensures alignment of interests and a focus on talent quality.


Forensic headhunting & screening practices ensuring 'best in market' executive talent.


Manage hiring risk with a minimum 12-month replacement guarantee, extendable to two-years.


Cutting-edge psychometric profiling for accurate leadership & culture fit assessments.


We guarantee that executive talent placed with our clients are permanently off limits.

Industry Expertise
Financial Services
Consumer Markets
Technology & Communications
Sustainability & Environment
Industrial & Manufacturing
Property & Construction

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